Moving from Year 3 up to Year 4 marks a very special milestone in a CGS student's education. The opportunities start to grow even further as they have a very different curriculum to that of Year 3.

They get to carry out many collaborative activities such as Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Focus Day and Olympic Day, which are related to the HASS curriculum. Students are also involved in our indigenous garden as a large part of the Year 4 curriculum is based around Indigenous education, ensuring the culture of Australia's first people is carried on through the generations.

At CGS, Year 4 is when our students get to experience the amazing Chance Island and Planet Chance – an interactive problem solving course that always brings lots of smiles! Problem solving is a tool we can all use throughout every stage of our lives so starting young gives our students the best chance to succeed in the future.

The benefit of music in a young child's life is enormous, helping with things such as brain growth, language skills, memory, attention and concentration, increased coordination and so much more. For the past few years, our Year 4 students have had a deeper Music experience by taking on a strings instrument as part of the Music curriculum. Year 4 students can also join the School choir, performing at various School events, our Spring Arts Festival and music concerts.

Year 4 students are also in the very fortunate position of being able to audition and try out for Scholarships ready for Year 5. Scholarship opportunities available for a Year 4 student to apply for are in the fields of Academia, Arts Academy & AFL/W Academy.

The list of opportunities in Year 4 are endless and the results speak for themselves, with our students gaining the growth, development and education required for their progression into the Senior Primary School years and beyond.

Start your child's Year 4 journey at CGS today. 


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