Staff as at February 2023

Patricia Rodrigues  OAM        Principal

Mike Jenzen                            Deputy Principal

Brad Krokosz                           Head of Secondary

Steve Dowie                            Head of Primary

Erica Captain                          Business Manager

Noel Oakey                             Chaplain

Katrina Conway-Mortimer    Year 7 Coorindator

Imogen Lister                        Year 8 Coordinator

Ross Greeff                           Year 9 Coordinator

Tristan Campbell                   Year 10 Coordinator

Robert Andersson                 Year 11 Coordinator

Ben Freel                                Year 12 Coordinator

Kate Tutuvaha                          Learning Area Coordinator- English

Melissa Christmass                Learning Area Coordinator – Humanities and Social Science

Sean Walker                          Learning Area Coordinator - Mathematics

James Bristow                        Learning Area Coordinator – Physical Education and Sport

Ken Sullivan                           Learning Area Coordinator – Science

Jocelyn Pugliese                    Learning Area Coordinator - The Arts and Technology

Kim Barlow                             Coordinator – Music

Stacey Linton                        Coordinator - Outdoor Education

Giselle Birmingham               Primary Curriculum Coordinator and Year 6 Teacher

Robert Taylor                          Primary Pastoral Care Coordinator and Year 5 Teacher

Elizabeth Vos                          ELC (PreK - Yr 1) Coordinator and PreK  Teacher

Skye Riseley                            Art Teacher

Judith Stringer                      Careers and Vocational Education Teacher

Craig Hilton                           Digital Technologies Teacher

Ruth Cartwright                     English Teacher

Taryn Culverhouse                English Teacher

Jordan Jones                        English Teacher

Simone Tolhurst                     English Teacher

Gillian Hills                              Hospitality Teacher

Alex Kelly                                Humanities and Social Science Teacher

Peter Morfea                          Humanities and Social Science Teacher

James Piper                         Humanities and Social Science Teacher

Jordana Norrish                     Mathematics Teacher

Chris Thompson                   Mathematics Teacher

Robert Furzer                         PE Teacher

Daniel Jenkin                         PE Teacher

Claire Blyth                             Science Teacher

Darren Snashall                      Science Teacher

Karen Johnson                        Science and Mathematics Teacher

Tom Wilson                             Science Teacher

Anton Ferreira                         Woodwork Teacher

Cheryl Burgess                     Year 6 Teacher

Rentia de Wet                        Year 6 Teacher

Tanya Van Den Dries              Year 5 Teacher

Gavin Fitton                          Year 4 Teacher

Fiona Mader                           Year 4 Teacher

Amber Corless                     Year 3 Teacher

Tabitha Dennis                       Year 3 Teacher

Peter Taylor                         Year 3 Teacher

Monique Silvi                         Year 2 Teacher

Riley Wixted                           Year 2 Teacher

Debbie Bull                              Year 1 Teacher

Lynette Carnaby                      Year 1 Teacher

Kahli Bedford                          Pre-primary Teacher

Shaunee Parmenter                   Pre-primary Teacher

Jessica Clues                         Kindergarten Teacher

Elizabeth Fuller                     Kindergarten Teacher

Stacey Cavill                               Physical Education

Tersia Kuppusamy                        Primary DOTT Teacher

Tanya Hughes                          Primary Italian Teacher

Cassandra Curulli                       Primary Music Teacher

Tami Bamkin                           Education Assistant

Tahlia Bauskis                          Education Assistant

Paula Bean                               Education Assistant

Jodie Brown                            Education Assistant

Jana Covich                              Education Assistant

Lisa Evans                                Education Assistant

Bindi Fullwood                        Education Assistant

Claudia Greeff                         Education Assistant

Sarina Johnstone                  Education Assistant

Karen Leahy                           Education Assistant

Helen Lightfoot                       Education Assistant

Astrid Schiller                          Education Assistant

Lucinda Spence                       Education Assistant

Melissa Ward                           Education Assistant

Jan Gallatly                             Laboratory Assistant

Rob Blackett                         Property Manager

David Braovich                       Woodwork Assistant Technician

Brandon Botha                       ICT Technician

Jo Bulich                                 Canteen Assistant

Jake Bullock                           ICT Technician

Kim Chappell                          Personal Assistant to the Principal

Jacob Curulli                          ICT Manager

Rebecca Bell                         Enrolments and Marketing Officer

Marlene Fernandes Pirihi         Canteen Assistant

Gisela Ferreira                          Reception

Rebecca Kelly                         Pavilion Resource Officer

Michelle McCay                     Accounts Receivable and Uniforms

Sandra Mellor                        Canteen Assistant

Scott Mildwaters                   Grounds Manager

Jill Petley                                 Reception

Amanda Rossiter                    Student Services

Danni Ryan                             Primary Administration Officer

Lee Anne Sexton                    Finance Officer

Sam Veenhuizen                   Assistant Business Manager

Tania Wareham                      Executive Secretary


Cnr Bishop and Soldiers Roads
Mundijong, Western Australia

Locked Bag 1
Mundijong WA 6123

PHONE (+61 8) 9526 5000
FAX (+61 8) 9525 9130