Who We Are

Court Grammar School is an independent, coeducational school in the Anglican tradition. The school learning environment is based on the partnership between parents, teachers and students. Court Grammar School students have opportunities to explore a wide variety of learning opportunities through the lens of the Arts, Academic, House, Service and Sport. All of this while a strong focus is maintained on the core curriculum of literacy and numeracy skills. The whole person is encouraged to grow through a strong and developing pastoral care system and a strong and developing sense of belonging within the School Community. The Principal is responsible for the operation of the the school, reporting to an independent constituted Board of Directors.

Our Crest

Our crest consists of three symbolic elements combined with our school's core values.

The Cross, love and life, symbol of Jesus Christ who offers us His goodness, truth and life.
A Shield, a symbol of protection and security that our family, community and God offer us;
A Path, a clear and structured path to Jesus Christ through the three core values that guide our School: 'Integrity, Humility and Community'.

Our Ethos and Core Values

Integrity: Adherence to moral and ethical principles, soundness of moral character and honesty.
Humility: Demonstrating respect for others in all areas at all times.
Community: Students, staff and families growing together and serving one another to support the mission and values of the School.

The School expresses these values actively through a RESPECT ethos that is demonstrated through: Respect for God; Respect for Self; Respect for Others; Respect for Learning; Respect for Environment