The Serpentine Jarrahdale Grammar School name was registered on 11 October 2004 by a group of local residents led by The Anglican Parish of Serpentine Jarrahdale who had the vision, commitment to the local community and determination to establish a local high school for the children of the Serpentine Jarrahdale Shire.

The School commenced operation with 47 students in February 2006 in the old Mundijong Shire offices and car park. The School flourished from the start as enrolments grew to over 250 by the commencement of the 2009 school year.

The School was fortunate to receive a gift of land from the Bett family located on the corner of Bishop and Soldiers Roads in Mundijong. Building commenced in 2008 and was completed in 2009. A second build was undertaken in 2011 and the school facilities continue to grow each year.

In 2016, the School became the first Pre-Kindergarten to Year 12 campus in the area.

In 2019, the school was re-named Court Grammar School.

When discussing the change of name, the school Board considered options and decided it was imperative to maintain a West Australian link. The Board looked for visionary leadership that touched all members of our community. They looked for people who were well known locally, nationally and internationally and decided on the Court family. The name is well known and recognised in WA, having given us two Premiers and our Australian Ambassador to Japan, Mr Richard Court. The name change was suitably announced at the annual 'Sir Charles Court Futures Assembly' held at the school each year with Mr Ken Court, son of Sir Charles and current Board member of the School, and his family in attendance.