Applications for 2024 are now closed.

At Court Grammar School we aim to find boys and girls with a passion for AFL and use this passion to help develop them into elite footballers. Via a structured progression from primary to secondary school, students are exposed to professional coaches, athletes and resources during school contact time to excel the learning of our great Australian game.

Boys in Year 4, 6 and 9, 10 and 11 in 2023 can apply for the 2024 intake.

Girls in Year 4-11 in 2023 can apply for the 2024 intake.

See below for more information regarding the program structure of the Academy as well as the amazing achievements we have attained since commencement.

**In order to be able to attend the tryouts, all students must have submitted a Court Grammar School application as well as the AFL/W Academy online application form, secured and attended an interview with the Principal and finalised their enrolment.

Academy Programs

Junior Program: Year 5-6

A skill acquisition program is based on the principles of current literature on athlete learning:

  • A massed-based approach to skill development
  • Correct marking, kicking, handballing and tackling are the core themes of every session
  • AFL fundamentals and technique are very hard to reteach after the age of 12.

Our core ethos for this program is 'No amount of running or fitness training can compensate for quality skill acquisition'.

Colts Program: Year 7-9

The game sense program is based on developing traditional basics of the game and current AFL ball movement patterns.

  • High quality coaches expose students to game style drills that will transfer their learning from training to competition, to ensure athletes move the ball towards goal the most efficient and effective way
  • Traditional basics of the game are drilled into students to ensure team orientated athletes are developed
  • Implementation of the ever-changing games styles and ball movement used in AFL
  • Familiarisation of WAFL development squads game styles.

Every athlete has the capacity to further develop their AFL abilities at all times. We use this knowledge to excel our students understanding of the game and hone in on any deficiencies they may possess.

Senior Program: Year 10-12

Year 10 Melbourne Tour

When the AFL/W Academy students reach year 10, they will have the opportunity to be part of the AFL/W Academy during a 3 period allotment. They will also have the opportunity to be involved in the annual AFL/W Academy Melbourne tour. The tour occurs over the extended June/July holiday period and provides students with access to the following;

  • AFL club tours
  • Play in competitive matches against a variety of Victorian schools
  • Opportunities to listen to information provided by AFL talent recruiters
  • Opportunities to listen to information provided by AFL player managers
  • Watch live AFL matches at both major arena's (MCG and Marvell Stadium)
  • Meet and greet with past and present AFL and AFL/W players

Year 11 and 12 high performance program (2020 and beyond)

When AFL/W Academy students reach Year 11 and 12, students will have the opportunity to be apart of the AFL/W Academy during a 5 period allotment. This will coincide and work in conjunction with either the SCSA Endorsed Elite Sport Performance class or Physical Education Studies ATAR.

The high performance program aims to introduce some of the rigors of an elite footballer. As per the Colts program with students having access to WAFL and AFL standard drills and match stimulus activities, students are also guided in behaving and living to the standards of a professional athlete by incorporating the following into their programs:

  • Developing and adhering to strength and conditions benchmarks
  • Creating and following nutrition plans
  • Training focus is based on analysis of match performances
  • Recovery strategies and in-season maintenance regimes.
  • All students should leave CGS with a sound knowledge of what it takes to be a professional athlete and understand the expectations of professional and semi-professional athletes.

Individual and Team Achievements

Each year, students have the opportunity compete in a variety of competitive tournaments and represent Court Grammar School for their specific age group. The boys traditionally compete in the Eagles Cup tournaments and the girls traditionally compete in the Dockers Cup tournaments. Each year we enter teams in:

  • Year 7 ACC Dockers Shield/Cup
  • Year 8/9 Eagles Cup/Dockers Cup
  • Year 10 Eagles Cup/Dockers Cup
  • Year 11/12 Eagles Cup/Dockers Cup

Highly skilled students can be nominated by their local club to try out for their WAFL District development team. Boys can be nominated at U14, U15, U16 and U18 age level. Girls can be nominated at U14 and U16 age level, then play U18s for their WAFL Districts Youth Girls team.

Take a look at our individual and team accomplishments since our inaugural year in 2018.

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