Students measuring nature play stump

Primary School

We believe that children learn best when the method(s) of teaching they are exposed to are relevant, meaningful and real. In thinking of this, there will be times when we adopt specific methodologies to meet the needs of our learners. It is quite possible to see shades of different pedagogical movements across the School. This is to be celebrated. What we do not do, is use one pedagogy, or method of teaching, exclusively.

The two constants between the learning in our early years and that of the middle and upper years are children and nature. The one lens that we do look through in all that we do is the lens of nature. We are a rural School, set in beautiful, natural surroundings. It makes perfect sense to utilise our environment as much as we possibly can in educating and developing our students. In many educational circles, Nature Pedagogy is becoming a powerful force and framework for learning. We, at Court Grammar School, endorse this belief and feel that our students should be given opportunities to learn in and from nature.

Our Primary School encompasses a strong sense of community which allows students to feel welcomed, valued and respected within their school environment. With a strong focus on the pastoral care of each child, teachers regularly engage in discussions centred around our RESPECT ethos (RESPECT for God, Self, Others, Learning and Environment).

Our middle and upper Primary curriculum is guided by both the West Australian Curriculum and the School Curriculum Standards Authority (SCSA). Alongside core curriculum areas, we actively encourage and develop life-skills such as creativity, innovation, resilience and responsibility. As in all stages of the Primary School, the holistic development of the child is central to our thoughts and actions. Students are provided with many opportunities outside of the classroom in order to develop academically, socially, emotionally or spiritually. These include after-school activities, the School on the Road program, various excursions/incursions and music and sporting events.

With the growth of our Primary School families, we are excited to expand to a triple stream Year Two in 2025, bringing from Year Two to Year Six to a triple stream level. Apply now for your child's placement in our Primary School.

Co-Curricular Activities

Court Grammar School is proud to offer a wide range of co-curricular activities for Primary School students to participate in.