The Year 10 Pastoral Program at Court Grammar School focuses on getting the students ready to make good choices throughout the remainder of their education as well as beyond. The Year 10 program starts with Keys4Life which is an in-school program run by government organisations which helps prepare students for the next major life hurdle being their driver’s licence. Part of this experience is understanding the risks involved, as well as speaking to many professionals in the field of first response.

Following on from this we look at important choices going forward with looking into careers and preparing for choices after school. This is important as in year 10 they make the choices for their subjects in year 11 and 12 beginning to make pathways going forward. The school strives on offering great resources to the students in this area with many people greatly experienced in the school outside of the school environment. Our goal is setting these year 10’s with the correct decision making that will end up changing their lives for the better.

On a social side, this year group see the introduction of their first real formal event off campus being the Year 10 River Cruise held late in the year. Here the students enjoy the opportunity to dress to impress and enjoy a lovely night with their peers on the picturesque Swan River with the Perth City and Optus stadium lights in the backgrounds.