Ricky Grace Basketball Program

At CGS, we believe that learning extends beyond the classroom, and we have established an extensive Co-Curricular sporting Program to develop students and prepare them for the various interschool sporting carnivals we participate in each year. CGS’s Co-Curricular Sport program is enriching and engaging, providing quality experiences in sports training before and/or after school. Our Co-Curricular Sport programs run for 8 weeks during each of our four terms and are offered to students in Year 4 to Year 12. CGS offers sport activities from Monday to Friday during each of the those 8-week periods.

​Co-Curricular Sport sessions are led either by suitable CGS teachers or suitably qualified outside coaches, in order for students have the best possible sporting and learning experiences. Usually, these training squads lead into interschool sporting carnivals whereby students have the chance to compete against other schools in Western Australia.
See the below for details of our extensive Co-Curricular Sporting opportunities that occur either before or after school:

Year Round (Term 1-4)

  • Running Club: Students are involved in specific running training, twice a week, to assist the development of their cardio-endurance and overall distance running capacity. Students learn and engage in the different training methods that develop their cardio-respiratory capacity e.g. interval training, fartlek training, continuous training etc.
  • Ricky Grace Basketball Academy: Grace basketball is an individually designed program by 2000 Olympian and NBL Wildcat Legend & Hall of Fame basketballer Ricky Grace. Ricky has designed his Program with the following two objectives:
  1. To create recreational opportunities for children to learn and play a sport while gaining the essential skills, fitness, technical and mental approach along with the satisfaction of participating in a productive and wholesome activity.
  2. To support the basketballer with goals to become better in their Domestic or WABL competition or to be an eventual participant into the American high school, college system, or pro.

At CGS, Ricky runs the following basketball Programs:

  • Year 3/4 Ricky Grace Basketball Academy:
  • Year 5/6 Ricky Grace Basketball Academy:
  • Year 7/8 Ricky Grace Basketball Academy:
  • Year 7-9 Elite Basketball Academy (coached by Ricky Grace for the highly skilled WABL level athletes/students)
  • AFL/W Academy: Specialist AFL Program for both boys and girls, coached by highly experienced staff members with AFL and WAFL playing experience. Click here to be redirected to the AFL/W Academy Program page.

Term 1 Specific:

Year 4-6 Netball
Year 7-9 Netball
Year 10-12 Netball
Year 7-12 Swimming

Term 2 Specific:

Year 3-6 Cross Country
Year 4-6 Soccer
Year 4-6 Netball
Year 7-9 Netball
Year 7-9 Netball

Term 3 Specific:

Year 3-6 Athletics
Year 4-6 Soccer
Year 7/8 Basketball
Year 8/9 Touch Rugby
Year 7-12 Athletics

Term 4 Specific:

Year 5/6 Touch Rugby
Year 4-6 Basketball
Year 7/8 Boys Basketball
Year 7-9 Girls Basketball