School Board Members

Chairperson: David Gossage

Deputy Chair: Ross Adams


  • Annette Anderson
  • Mick Beaverstock
  • Christine Bradbury
  • Reverend David Bradbury (The Visitor's Representative)
  • Elizabeth Court
  • Ken Court (Treasurer)
  • Ron Dullard - Awarded Officer (AO) in the General Division of the Order of Australia 2020
  • Dudley Stow


Senior Leadership Team - Staff

Principal: Ms Patricia Rodrigues                                  Deputy Principal: Mr Mike Jenzen 

rodrigues-patricia.jpg                                                                   jenzen-michael.jpg

Head of Primary School: Mr Stuart Learmonth           Head of Secondary School: Mr Brad Krokosz


Leadership Team - Students

It is with pleasure that we introduce our Year 12 Prefects for 2020 who have been voted for by their peers and teaching staff. Their official positions within the Leadership Team will be announced at Presentation Evening. Each student was asked to describe what leadership meant to them:

Georgia Seymour                 

A "leader" does what is right, rather than what is popular. They stand up against those in the wrong, even if they are their friends. They fight for what they believe in, regardless of who disagrees. Rosa Parks stood up for what she believed in and made one of the greatest changes in history. I'm no Rosa Parks but we all start somewhere.

Mitchelle Homodza             

To me, leadership involves knowing what is right and acting on it; keeping your faith and trust in those around you; and building your relationships to become strong enough to work through any obstacles in your path, together. Harriet Tubman lead thousands of men & women to safety with her unwavering faith, and her courage to do the right thing.

Elodie McKeig                       

Leadership is believing in and helping others, as well as keeping to ones own morals. To be a good leader one most know those they lead, be kind and be approachable. An inspirational leader to me is Anh Do, who despite his hardships has not become bitter but humorous and welcoming.

Shrie Muthumugesan         

To me, leadership is the role of uniting people together to make positive changes. My definition was inspired by Nelson Mandela, who united the South Africans from racial segregation, therefore reducing the gap of racial inequality. He is a true leader because, he fought for the people and with the people.

Ross Freeman                       

I believe that an effective leader focuses on the performance of their group. Rather than taking matters into his own hands, Franklin Delano Roosevelt used the knowledge of his advisors to make decisions that would save America from the Great Depression. While doing this, he ensured that the people of the US were familiar with his vision.

Max Ritchie                           

I find that what makes someone a good leader is being able to bring out the best in other people. It is the drive to play to each person's strengths and abilities by guiding them to do what they do best that really defines good leadership.


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