School Academic Scholarships: Entry into Years 4, 7 and 10

Academic scholarships are awarded, in each of years 4, 7 and 10 and will apply for the duration of the student's time in the following Sub-Schools:

  • Primary School (years 4-6)
  • Middle School (years 7-9)
  • Senior School (years 10-12)

These scholarships provide up to 50% reduction of tuition fees and are awarded annually to the most academically able student completing the application process. The scholarship applicants will be required to complete an academic test, with the date still to be determined. The scholarship requires acceptable academic achievement, which will be reviewed annually

AFL/W Academy Scholarships

Entry into the AFL/W Academy is highly sought after and obtained only through a tryout process which occurs annually. Places and scholarships may be offered based on performance at the tryout. Students can earn up to 50% school fee reduction with this scholarship. There are limited places in the Academy and also in the various scholarship levels on offer. For more information, take a look at the AFL/W Academy page.

Conditions apply for entry into the Academy. 

Principal's Recommendation Scholarship - Entry into Year 7 (not already enrolled at Court Grammar School)

The Court Grammar School Principal's Recommendation Scholarship has been developed by Court Grammar School to encourage and support students who desire to enrol in year seven at Court Grammar School and whose circumstance would otherwise restrict them from enrolling at the School.

Each selected Primary School Principal can nominate one student from year six for this scholarship. Students can be nominated on any of the following criteria: Demonstrated values that align with the Respect values of Court Grammar School; Potential to achieve studying in Court Grammar School's learning environment; Showing most improvement during their primary school studies; Academic merit; Adverse personal circumstances or Financial difficulties.

The Court Grammar School Principal's Recommendation Scholarship will provide the following support: 50% Tuition fee scholarship, reviewed annually, and will be ongoing based on continuity of performance.

Year 7: Ken & Lorraine Court Scholarship for the Arts

This scholarship is awarded to a student entering year 7 demonstrating technical skill and inherent interest in developing through the Arts. Talented candidates are invited to demonstrate their skills in a variety of Arts domains including: Visual Arts, Music, Drama and Media/Photography. The scholarship will be awarded on the basis of this application and portfolio or audition. Available instruments in the music program include; guitar, bass guitar, drums, keyboards/piano, voice, strings.

The scholarship will provide up to 50% remission on tuition fees and when applicable music tuition on one (1) chosen instrument, for the duration of years 7-12. The continuation each year will be subject to acceptable academic achievement and positive contribution to the ethos of the school, including a commitment to the co-curricular program.

(Open to students in Year 6 in 2020)

The Nijole Natalija Weedon Scholarship (Currently unavailable)

This scholarship provides up to $5,000 financial assistance for student fees for one year to an indigenous or refugee child commencing school in any of the years 7- 12 at Court Grammar School.  Further, the scholarship seeks to provide for a child, who would normally not be able to attend Court Grammar School and be able to pursue the academic opportunities available in the School. The scholarship applicants will be required to have an interview with their family conducted by the School Principal. The continuation of this assistance will be subject to acceptable academic achievement and positive contribution to the ethos of the school and up to the discretion of the Principal.

Year 10 - 12 New Student Scholarships

These scholarships are for new students wishing to enrol in year 10, 11 or 12 in 2020 at Court Grammar School and provide 100% tuition fee reduction for the remainder of their schooling. Students applying for this scholarship are required to complete the academic test on Friday 19 July 2019 and the Scholarship requires acceptable academic achievement, which will be reviewed annually.

Scholarship Applications

To apply for a scholarship download and complete and return an application form to the School Administration with the relevant documents and Scholarship Application Fee by the date stipulated on the Application form.

Scholarship Testing

Dates for 2021 Scholarship testing are yet to be determined.

Please note, Scholarships are awarded at the discretion of the Principal and the decision is final. Scholarship testing results remain the property of the School and will not be disclosed to parents or students. 

Application Form


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