Musica viva music incursion10

Primary School Music Incursion

May 31, 2021 in Primary School

On 28th May, Court Grammar School Primary students were treated to a music incursion by Musica Viva. The group “Rhythm Works” captivate the students by telling stories about animals, buildings and even storms, through the use of traditional and not so traditional percussion instruments.

The students were taken on a journey with a few of our students helping out along the way.

This is what a few of our Year 3’s had to say about the concert:

“Musica Viva was sick as. I loved it, it was amazing. I liked the Guitar and the Storm” – Blake 3D

“I think Musica Viva was amazing. I never knew such instruments existed. I loved all of the instruments” – Jasmine 3D

“Musica Viva showed me that you don’t need to go in a music shop and buy one, you can make one!” – Danielle 3D

“I think that Musica Viva was amazing but the Lizard one was the best and my favourite instrument was the drums” – Tyler 3D