Primary school sports carnival22

Primary School Sports Carnival

June 28, 2021 in Primary School

The competition heated up at our Primary School Sports Carnival as students battled it out against their friends to win House points hoping to help their House take home the trophy. It was jam-packed day of games and races, and everyone had an absolute ball! From Pre-Primary to Year 6, the competitive spirit could be seen in all of our students, and there was so much fun had throughout the day.

Students competed in games such as tunnel ball, leader ball, tug-o-war, long jump, and so much more, before taking to the track after lunch in the 100m sprint events. 1st, 2nd and 3rd place runners proudly took to the podium for photo opportunities in front of families and fellow students.

With such a huge day of activities and point scoring, totals needed to be tallied another day with the winning House to be announced at assembly in Term 3. The suspense is keeping everyone on the edge of their seats and we can't wait to find out the winner!

Below are some photos from the day for everyone to enjoy.