Sir charles court assembly10

Sir Charles Court Assembly

February 04, 2022 in

Today we held our annual Sir Charles Court assembly to present our Year 12's to the student body, as well as acknowledging our student leaders in both the Primary and Secondary School.

We were also very proud to congratulate one of our ATAR students from 2021 who achieved a score in the top 10% of all ATAR students and made it into the 90's club. Bridget Ritchie scored 98.4, the 2ndhighest ATAR score at Court Grammar School, second only to her brother who achieved 98.8 in 2020!

Due to the current state of the world we live in, extra precautions were taken and the assembly was held on a much smaller scale than usual. However, this did not affect the impact of the messages shared. Guest speaker, Police Commissioner Chris Dawson was generous enough to share a video with us in which he discussed the importance our school values of Integrity, Humility and Community, and also the major role respect for ourselves and others plays in our school and the broader community. This video, along with the whole assembly, is available for parents to view using the following links:

Below are some photos taken from today's formalities, which include photos of the Court family alongside the statue of our school's namesake, Sir Charles Court.