Year 10 ningaloo camp31

Year 10 Ningaloo Camp

May 19, 2021 in Secondary School

Our Year 10 students unfortunately missed out on their trip to Ningaloo when they were in Year 9 due to COVID-19. As a school that prides itself on giving our students the best experiences we can offer, we were not about to let them miss out! Therefore, last week, our Year 10's travelled over 16hours to beautiful Coral Bay to experience the natural wonders in this great state of ours.

Their days were jam-packed full of fun activities including snorkelling, swimming, camp-ground activities, tours on glass-bottomed boats, team games and so much more! They had an absolute ball, and the weather was absolutely amazing. Our current Year 9 students will be heading up for their chance to experience the beauty of Ningaloo next week and are even more excited after hearing about the adventures from their school mates.

Enjoy the photos from the camp below.